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Wong Fei Hung as a healer called a religious (Islamic) and even the clergy. But many do not agree with this claim, and expressed doubts about the facts about this legendary figure Islamic quite widespread. If this is a truth, of course there must be facts that support and reassure. If not, what is the motive behind this claim?

So far we only know as a hero Wong Fei Hung Kung fu in the film Once Upon A Time in China. In the movie, Wong Fei Hung character played by renowned Hong Kong actor Jet Li. But who the Wong Fei Hung?

Wong Fei Hung was a cleric, Expert Medicine, and experts whose names are legendary Martial designated as National Hero of China by the China government. But China’s government often blurs identity seeks Wong Fei Hung as a Muslim in order to maintain the supremacy of the Communist rule in China.

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